BTnut System Software Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
_cm_neighborNeighbor Parameters
_cm_stackConnection manager stack
_CONDITIONCondition variable
_fifo_queue_tRepresentation of a FIFO queue
_HEAPNODEHeap memory node information structure
_IFSTREAMStream interface information structure
_log_msg_tail_sDefinition of the log message trailer
_mhop_cl_pkt_hdrDefinition of the multi-hop control header
_mhop_cl_stack_sConnection-less multi-hop stack
_MUTEXRecursive mutex
_NUTDEVICEDevice structure
_NUTFILEFile structure
_NUTTHREADINFOThread information structure
_NUTTIMERINFOTimer information structure
_NUTVIRTUALDEVICEVirtual device structure
_sync_nbRepresents a neighbour BTnode Make use of the typedef'd type sync_neighbour.
A linked list is formed out of these elements in order to store the time of the last receiveing/sending event with the corresponding BTnode. The list is always ordered. The BTnode of the latest communication is at the beginning of the list, the BTnode of the oldest communication is at the end. Maximal SYNC_MAX_NEIGHBOURS neighbours are allowed. If already SYNC_MAX_NEIGHBOURS are stored in the list, the oldest (last) entry will be removed
_t_traceitemItem in the trace buffer
_tmStructure to store a date/time value
_tvRepresents unix time in seconds and microseconds
_xbank_prog_info_sProgram information struct
bt_acl_pkt_buf_sACL Packet Buffer Definition
bt_l2cap_acl_buffer_entryBuffer entry for internal acl packet buffering
bt_l2cap_acl_pktRepresents one l2cap packet including the acl header
bt_l2cap_channelThis struct represents one l2cap channel
bt_l2cap_channel_info_dataThis struct contains some internal information to process the packets. A pointer to this information is added at the end of a l2cap data packet
bt_l2cap_pkt_buffer_entryBuffer entry for internal l2cap packet buffering
bt_l2cap_serviceThis struct represents one service
bt_l2cap_signalThis struct contains the header fields of a l2cap signaling packet
bt_l2cap_signal_bufferBuffer entry for internal l2cap signal buffering
bt_l2cap_stackRepresents one entity of the l2cap layer itself
bt_semaphoreRepresents a bt_semaphore, a number of ressources that can be shared by many threads
btstackRepresents one entity of a running stack (more possible) Keeps all data for one stack, like devices, buffers, states, ..
con_mgr_stack_sDefinition of the connection manager stack
MD5CONTEXTMD5 context structure
mhop_cl_fwt_entry_sForwarding table entry
syncboundsRepresents a pair of bounds
tcp_socketTCP socket information structure
udp_socketUDP socket information structure

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