bt_hci_inquiry_result Struct Reference

#include <bt_hci_api.h>

Detailed Description

This struct defines one entry for a device found during inquiry! The application calls the inquiry cmd with a pointer to an array of these struct entries and the size of this array (max_dev)! All multi-byte values are stored in little endian (over-the-air representation)!

btstreamer/receiver/btreceiver.c, and btstreamer/streamer/btstreamer.c.

Data Fields

bt_addr_t bdaddr
u_short clock_offset
u_long cod
u_char page_scan_period_mode:4
u_char page_scan_rep_mode:4
short rssi

Field Documentation

bt_addr_t bt_hci_inquiry_result::bdaddr

The address of the discovered bt-module

u_short bt_hci_inquiry_result::clock_offset

Clock offset to the other device (15Bit, Bit 16: Valid/Invalid)

u_long bt_hci_inquiry_result::cod

The class of device (actually only low 3 bytes -> cod & 0xFFFFFF )

u_char bt_hci_inquiry_result::page_scan_period_mode

The page-scan period mode (0x0, 0x1 or 0x2)

u_char bt_hci_inquiry_result::page_scan_rep_mode

The page-scan repetition mode (0x0, 0x1 or 0x2)

short bt_hci_inquiry_result::rssi

rssi, range: -127 to +20, Units: dBm

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