mac_interface_st Struct Reference

#include <mac.h>

Detailed Description

Structure describing the CC1000 MAC-Interface.

Data Fields

u_short(* get_address )(void)
u_short(* get_mtu )(void)
int(* receive )(ccc_packet_t *pkt, u_short mac_data_length, u_long ms)
int(* send )(ccc_packet_t *pkt)

Field Documentation

u_short(* mac_interface_st::get_address)(void)

Returns the configured mac address.

configured mac address.

u_short(* mac_interface_st::get_mtu)(void)

Returns the maximal payload size of a MAC packet.

maximal payload size of a MAC packet.

int(* mac_interface_st::receive)(ccc_packet_t *pkt, u_short mac_data_length, u_long ms)

Receives a MAC packet.

okt [out] ccc_packet
mac_data_length [in] maximal size of the payload
ms [in] maximal duration (in ms) to wait for a packet
0 on success, -1 on timeout.

int(* mac_interface_st::send)(ccc_packet_t *pkt)

Sends a MAC packet.

pkt [in] ccc_packet
0 on success, -1 otherwise.

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