bt_hci_connection Struct Reference

#include <bt_hci_defs.h>

Detailed Description

This struct defines one open connection The number of possible open connections are defined above Watch-out: These numbers are HW-specific! This struct is for internal (stack-) use only!

Data Fields

bt_hci_con_handle_t app_con_handle
u_char auth
bt_addr_t bdaddr
u_long cod
u_short interval
u_char mode
_bt_hci_module_con_handle_t module_con_handle
u_short pkt_type
u_char pkts_h2c
u_char role: 2
u_char role_change: 2
u_char state
u_char type: 4

Field Documentation

bt_hci_con_handle_t bt_hci_connection::app_con_handle

App handle, unique

u_char bt_hci_connection::auth

State of authenification (see defines above)

bt_addr_t bt_hci_connection::bdaddr

The other endpoint

u_long bt_hci_connection::cod

The class of device

u_short bt_hci_connection::interval

Number of baseband slots of hold, sniff or park

u_char bt_hci_connection::mode

BT-mode (0: active, 1: hold, 2: sniff, 3: park)

_bt_hci_module_con_handle_t bt_hci_connection::module_con_handle

BT-Controller handle

u_short bt_hci_connection::pkt_type

Pkt.type for conn (see defines above)

u_char bt_hci_connection::pkts_h2c

Number of uncompleted pkts, sent from the host to the controller

u_char bt_hci_connection::role

BT-Role (0: Master, 1: Slave, 3: Not sure)

u_char bt_hci_connection::role_change

Allow role-change? (0:Yes, 1: No, 3: Not sure)

u_char bt_hci_connection::state


u_char bt_hci_connection::type

The connection-type (sco/acl/esco)

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