_tm Struct Reference
[Time handling Functions]

#include <time.h>

Detailed Description

structure to store a date/time value.

The structure tm stores a complete date and time combination. The granularity is one second.

The range of tm_mon is from 0 (January) to 11 (December).
tm_year holds the year since 1900, for example value 103 means year 2003.

Data Fields

int tm_hour
 hours since midnight - [0,23]
int tm_isdst
 daylight savings time flag
int tm_mday
 day of the month - [1,31]
int tm_min
 minutes after the hour - [0,59]
int tm_mon
 months since January - [0,11]
int tm_sec
 seconds after the minute - [0,59]
int tm_wday
 days since Sunday - [0,6]
int tm_yday
 days since January 1 - [0,365]
int tm_year
 years since 1900

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