_mhop_cl_stack_s Struct Reference

#include <mhop_cl_defs.h>

Detailed Description

connection-less multi-hop stack.

Data Fields

 Pointer to the lower layer l2cap cl stack.
void * con_table_cb_arg
mhop_cl_fwt_entry fwt [MHOP_CL_MAX_FWD_TABLE_SIZE]
void * fwt_cb_arg
 Forwarding table change callback.
u_short mhop_psm
 PSM of the multi-hop cl service.
bt_addr_t my_addr
 own bt addr
u_char mylastseq
 last sequence number I(!) used
 Pointer to the protocol / service multiplexor.
bt_hci_con_handle_t reliable_con_handles [BT_HCI_MAX_NUM_CON]
 list with reliable connection handles

Field Documentation

void* _mhop_cl_stack_s::fwt_cb_arg

Forwarding table change callback argument forwarding table

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