bt_hci_cmd_response Struct Reference

#include <bt_hci_api.h>

Detailed Description

Represents a cmd that is waiting to be completed You only have to mess with this struct if you want some ASYNC calls! If you are OK with plain SYNC stuff, you can disregard it!

For asynchronous use of a function call, pass a pointer to this struct. As soon as the event is SIGNALED, a short response value will be set in the struct. For results of more complex commands (e.g., inquiry), a special struct is used! use NUT-Functions for event in the response struct:

See also:
bt_hci_event.c (& h) how the responsed are stored and how the waiting threads are signaled

the directory bt/hci-cmds for the different commands that can be used with this struct

Data Fields

HANDLE block
u_short cmd_handle
u_short ogfocf
void * ptr
long response

Field Documentation

HANDLE bt_hci_cmd_response::block

This is the wait-queue (is set by internal functions, for internal use only!)

u_short bt_hci_cmd_response::cmd_handle

The cmd handle (is set by internal functions, for internal use only!)

u_short bt_hci_cmd_response::ogfocf

The ogfocf pair (is set by internal functions, for internal use only!)

void* bt_hci_cmd_response::ptr

This is a pointer to a result, if it is bigger than short.

long bt_hci_cmd_response::response

The response value of the function if max. short, values <0 represent an error!

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