routing_interface_st Struct Reference

#include <routing.h>

Detailed Description

Structure describing the Routing-Interface.

This structure enables the RoutingForChipcon-layer to communicate with an arbitrary routing protocol, that exports this interface.

Data Fields

u_short(* discover )(u_short *dst)
u_short(* get_address )(void)
u_short(* get_next_hop )(u_short *dst)
int(* reg_msg_handler )(routing_message_handler_t msg_handler)
void(* send_msg )(u_short msg, u_short param)

Field Documentation

u_short(* routing_interface_st::discover)(u_short *dst)

Starts a route discovery for a given destionation.

If there is already a discovery in progress, the routing protocol SHOULD ignore this call.

dst [in] destination address
DISCOVERY_STARTED if a discovery was started, ROUTE_AVAILABLE if route is already available, DISCOVERY_IN_PROGRESS if a discovery is already in progress.

u_short(* routing_interface_st::get_address)(void)

SHOULD be used to determine nodes CC1000 interface address.

Configured mac address.

u_short(* routing_interface_st::get_next_hop)(u_short *dst)

MUST be used to determine the next hop towards a destination.

dst [in] destination address
Next hop address on success, 0 if not known.

int(* routing_interface_st::reg_msg_handler)(routing_message_handler_t msg_handler)

MUST be used to register a handler to receive status messages from the routing protocol.

msg_handler [in] handler that processes messages from the routing protocol
0 on success, -1 on failure.

void(* routing_interface_st::send_msg)(u_short msg, u_short param)

Sends a message to the routing protocol

Legitimate Messages are: BROKEN_LINK.

msg [in] message
param [in] parameter for the corresponding message

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