rfc_packet_st Struct Reference

#include <rfc.h>

Detailed Description

Structure of an rfc packet.

Make sure that the data length field and the length of the actual data are entered correctly.

Check the MTU with rfc_get_mtu(). Since RFC does not yet support fragmenting packets, this MUST be done at application level.

Data Fields

u_char data [0]
 The payload in bytes. Payload should be delivered in network byte order.
u_short dst
 Destination to which the packet is targeted.
u_short flags
 Flags: A == Use Ack for this packet.
u_short length
 Denotes the payload length in bytes.
u_char port
 Port that the packet is directed to.
u_short seqno
 Sequence number of the RFC Packet. The sequence number uniquely identifies any data packet.
u_short src
 Source that sent the packet.
u_char type
 Type of the packet is always RFC_DATA_TYPE, leave blank, this is set internally.

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