_mhop_cl_pkt_hdr Struct Reference

#include <mhop_cl_defs.h>

Detailed Description

Definition of the multi-hop control header.

The information fields of the multi-hop control header are required for routing data properly to a remote device via several intermediate hops.

See also:
 | type | seq | ttl | hop_cnt |  source   | destination | dest_psm |
 .  1      1     1       1     BD_ADDR_LEN  BD_ADDR_LEN      2

Data Fields

bt_addr_t destination
 address of the destination node
u_char hop_cnt
 hop count (distance to host)
u_char psm [L2CAP_CL_PSM_FIELD_SIZE]
u_char seq
 broadcast sequence number
bt_addr_t source
 address of the sending node
u_char ttl
 time to live (0 = inf)
u_char type
 flags, defining the type of the packet

Field Documentation

u_char _mhop_cl_pkt_hdr::psm[L2CAP_CL_PSM_FIELD_SIZE]

PSM the packet will be delivered to on the receiving side

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