bt_l2cap_service Struct Reference

#include <bt_l2cap.h>

Detailed Description

This struct represents one service.

It contains all the information needed to handle a service.

A service is the logical endpoint that will receive and handle the data fom the l2cap connection. In other words the next higher layer (i.e. rfcomm). The l2cap layer can handle multiple services Each service can be connected to one channel.

See also:
struct bt_l2cap_channel for more information about the channels

struct bt_l2cap_stack for more information about the l2cap layer itself

Data Fields

u_char buffer_size
void * cb_arg
u_short channel_id
u_char channel_nr
bt_hci_con_handle_t con_handle
u_short max_mtu
u_short min_mtu
u_short psm

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