_cm_stack Struct Reference

#include <cm_xtc_defs.h>

Detailed Description

Connection manager stack.

Data Fields

u_long ai_init
 Number of inquiries during initialization phase.
u_long ai_max_period
 Inquiry period after startup phase [min].
u_long ai_min_period
 Startup inquiry period [sec].
u_long ai_period_deviation
 Maximal deviation of inquiry period.
u_long ai_time
 Duration [sec] of an inquiry.
u_long ai_trans
 Number of inquiries during transition phase.
u_long autinq
 To turn on/off automatic neighbor discovery.
MUTEX bt_module
 BT-module mutex.
 Pointer to lower level hci stack.
 Pointer to the packet buffers.
u_long cod
 Pointer to the rel con change cb.
cm_neigh_t con_buf
HANDLE con_mgr_start
u_long con_period
 establishment trials
u_char data_buf [115]
 Data buffer to send packets.
MUTEX data_mutex
 Data mutex.
 Pointer to the inquiry results.
u_long lpf_alpha
 LPF coefficient alpha.
u_long lpf_beta
 LPF coefficient beta.
u_long min_vtime
 Minimal visibility time between inq/con establ.
bt_addr_t my_addr
 BT address of this device.
cm_neigh_t ** neighbors
u_char nr_inq_devs
 Number of devices found during latest inquiry.
u_long nr_inqs
 Number of inquiries done so far.
u_char nr_neighbors
 Number of neighbor devices in neighbor order.
srtd_list_t * order
u_short psm
u_long ptime
 Page timeout.
u_long rssi_id
 Minimal RSSI difference (Id mode).
u_long rssi_th
 RSSI updating threshold.
cm_neigh_t send_que
u_long xtc
 Turns on|off XTC link selection.

Field Documentation

HANDLE _cm_stack::con_mgr_start

Handle to start connection management thread

u_long _cm_stack::con_period

establishment trials

Maximal wait time between two connection

cm_neigh_t** _cm_stack::neighbors

Neighbor order (sorted list containing discoverd neighbor devices)

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