_IFSTREAM Struct Reference
[Device I/O]

#include <device.h>

Detailed Description

Stream interface information structure.

Deprecated structure. Device drivers should use the device control block.

Data Fields

int(* if_flush )(NUTDEVICE *)
 Wait until output buffer empty.
int(* if_input )(NUTDEVICE *)
 Wait for input.
uint8_t if_last_eol
 Last end of line character read.
int(* if_output )(NUTDEVICE *)
 Initiate output.
uint8_t if_rd_idx
 Next read index.
uint8_t if_rx_buf [256]
 Input buffer.
volatile uint8_t if_rx_idx
 Next input index.
volatile uint8_t if_tx_act
 Set if transmitter running.
uint8_t if_tx_buf [256]
 Output buffer.
volatile uint8_t if_tx_idx
 Next output index.
uint8_t if_wr_idx
 Next write index.

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