BTnode Development - Tool Installation

The BTnode CDROM contains all tools, documentation and BTnut system software required for development and evaluation work on the BTnode platform. An iso image download, a brief introduction into the tool installation and an overview of the BTnut system software is available here.

BTnut software

The BTnut software is released in both a binary snapshot and sourcecode format. The most recent releases can be downloaded from

  • The btnode_snap_btnode3_binary contains a precompiled library package, ready for usage with avr-gcc and the demo applications included
  • The package btnut_system contains all BTnut and Nut/OS sources for compilation from scratch. (If you want to stay current with additional updates download the BTnut system software directly from CVS.)
btnut_system_1.8.tar.gz [rev 1.8 2007-01-23]

Support Documentation

For further questions, please refer to the BTnode tutorials, the online API documentation and the mailing list archives.

Platform specific tool installation instructions

We recommend using Windows as a development system, but any of the others work just as fine. If you are interested in the latest releases or want to build your own toolchain please check the Links section.

Alternatively, you can also individually download the packages as indicated on the GettingStarted page.

BTnode CDROM downloads

Configuration for ISP Programming

The default setup for ISP programming uses an Atmel ATAVRISP v2 programming device and is configured for the use of avrdude over /dev/ttyS0. If you should require other settings or you want to use uisp for isp programming, you can either set the BURN, BURNPORT and BURNFLAGS environment variables or adapt the Makedefs file in your BTnut distribution.

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