Installing the GNU Tool Chain for BTnut on Mac OS X


  • Mac OS X 10.3 or higher
  • Connection to your BTnode, that is either
    • An USB Prog adapter or
    • A programmer that allows in-system programming of the AVR, e.g. the Atmel STK 500 and
    • a mac serial port to connect the programmer, e.g. the USB-2-Serial adapter from Keyspan

Install instructions

  • Install the Fink Package Manager
  • Set-up Fink for CVS access
  • Set-up Fink to use unstable packages
  • Get the latest unstable versions and install AVR Tolchain + progamming tools:
    • fink index
    • fink selfupdate
    • fink install avr-binutils avr-gcc avr-libc uisp avrdude

Both the uisp and avrdude package contain patches which improve reliability for bootloader programming.

That's it. For the usage of the AVR-GCC, UISP and AVRDUDE... see other pages, the avr-gcc, uisp and avrdude mailing lists and use Google. :)

If you want to use the BTnode USB Prog adapter you have to install this driver. Update: This driver should now also work with the Intel-based Macs.

For questions regarding this distribution send mail to Matthias Ringwald.

After the tool setup proceed to the generic LinuxInstall.

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!!! This document is stored in the ETH Web archive and is no longer maintained !!!