WSN Testing


Wireless sensor networks combine the challenges from different research domains, A WSN is a distributed system that shows a large degree of parallelism. Each WSN node is essentially an autonomous embedded system with stringent constraints on energy, storage and memory resources. The wireless nature introduces an unreliable communication channel requiring robust and resilient communication protocol design. When deployed in an unprotected environment, external influences such as noisy radio channels or wide temperature variations can considerably influence the application and require adequate countermeasures to be taken at design time. Many WSNs aim at continuous and autonomous operation with only limited or no access and supervision. This unique combination of system characteristics requires novel design methodologies, since deploying a correct WSN application is of utmost importance.

A new addition to our testing tools is EvAnT. Event Analysis for Testing of Wireless Sensor Networks. Check out our paper for SUTC2008 and feel free to take a look at the source code.




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