JAWS - Deployment-Support Network

Deployment-Support Network Domains

The Deployment-Support Network is a new methodology for the development, test, deployment, and validation of wireless sensor networks. The DSN is a robust, wireless cable replacement offering reliable and transparent connections to arbitrary WSN target devices. Compared to traditional serial-cable approaches, this results in enhanced scalability and flexibility with respect to node location, density, and mobility. This makes the coordinated deployment of WSNs possible.

Online Demo - DSN Testbed at ETH Zurich

The current test implementation of a Deployment-Support Network is called JAWS and runs on BTnodes. A demo testbed installation is online and can be used to control different target devices. Currently, we support BTnode, Tmote, TinyNode and A80 target devices using different dsnX hardware adapters, but actually any Atmel AVR or TI MSP430 target, i.e. Berkeley/Crossbow Motes are also possible. The current access nodes are noted red in the floorplan.

Deployment-Support Network Demo Locations

JAWS DSN Documentation

Get started 1-2-3 with the Jaws Tutorial

JAWS DSN Download

Current DSN Target Implementations


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