APPENDIX: BTnode Resources

For detailed information on the available BTnode hardware check our online documentation reference.

Bluetooth Protocol Stack Reference

The Bluetooth protocol stack for BTnut is based on a term project by Mathias Payer in 2004.

bt-stack.pdf [external]

BTnode revision schematics

For quick reference the schematics of different BTnode revisions are included here:

btnode_rev3.24_schematic.pdf [external]
btnode_rev3.22_schematic.pdf [external]
btnode_rev3.20_schematic.pdf [external]
btnode_rev3.10_schematic.pdf [external]

btnode_rev2.20_schematic.pdf [external]
btnode_rev2.00_schematic.pdf [external]

btnode_rev1.00_schematic.pdf [external]

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