Time handling Functions
[C Runtime Library.]

Detailed Description

Implements some standard C time functions.

Use these functions to get the current time and convert, adjust, and store it as necessary. The current time is the system time.

Data Structures

struct  _tm
 structure to store a date/time value. More...


typedef long time_t
 Serial date/time. Holds number of seconds after January 1st, 1970.
typedef typedef__BEGIN_DECLS
struct _tm 
 Type definition for struct _tm.


time_t _mkgmtime (tm *timeptr)
tmgmtime (CONST time_t *timer)
int gmtime_r (CONST time_t *timer, tm *theTime)
tmlocaltime (CONST time_t *timer)
int localtime_r (CONST time_t *timer, tm *theTime)
time_t mktime (tm *timeptr)
int stime (time_t *timer)
time_t time (time_t *timer)


int _daylight
 Used to control daylight conversions.
long _dstbias
 Difference between standard and daylight savings time in seconds.
long _timezone
 Defines your local timezone.

Variable Documentation

int _daylight

Used to control daylight conversions.

Assign a nonzero value to enable daylight conversions. If enabled the hour part of time values is adjusted if we are in daylight saving time. Zero value to disable conversion. Default is enabled.

long _dstbias

Difference between standard and daylight savings time in seconds.

This value is used to calculate the daylight savings time by subtracting this value from the standard time. Unit is seconds. Usually daylight savings time is one hour in advance to standard time, thus the default value is -1 * 60 * 60 = -3600.

long _timezone

Defines your local timezone.

Difference in seconds between universal coordinated time and local time. This value is subtracted from the universal coordinated time to calculate your local time. Default value is 5 * 60 * 60 = 18000, which defines the time zone EST (GMT-5).

Before using the time functions, set _timezone to your local value.

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