Standard I/O
[C Runtime Library.]

Detailed Description

Standard stream interface to Nut/OS devices.

 #include <stdio.h> 

In contrast to the standard, Nut/OS streams do not maintain there own buffers. Any input or output buffering is done in the device driver.

Nut/OS will not associate the standard streams stdin, stdout and stderr to a device when starting the application. Instead, freopen() can be used by the application to redirect any of these stream to any previously opened file, device or connected socket.

As an extension to the standard, many function come in an additional flavour with _P appended to their name. These functions accept specific parameters pointing into program space.

Output Call Graph


Input Call Graph



#define _IOFBF   0x00
 Fully buffered.
#define _IOLBF   0x01
 Line buffered.
#define _IONBF   0x02
#define EOF   (-1)
 End of file.
#define stderr   (__iob[2])
 Standard error output stream.
#define stdin   (__iob[0])
 Standard input stream.
#define stdout   (__iob[1])
 Standard output stream.


typedef __iobuf FILE
 Stream structure type.


FILE__iob []

Define Documentation

#define EOF   (-1)

End of file.

Returned by an input or output operation when the end of a file is encountered. Some routines return this value to indicate an error.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct __iobuf FILE

Stream structure type.

A pointer to this type is used for all standard I/O functions to specify a stream.

Applications should make any assumptions about the contents of this structure as it may change without further notice.
bt-lego/bt-lego.c, ccc-cmd/ccc-cmd.c, l2cap-cmd/l2cap-cmd.c, rfcomm-cmd/rfcomm-cmd.c, uart-echo/uart-echo.c, and uart-suart/uart-suart.c.

Variable Documentation

FILE* __iob[]

For internal use only.

Stream slots.

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