APPENDIX: Bluetooth Error Codes

Error Code  Description

0x01 Unknown HCI Command.
0x02 No Connection.
0x03 Hardware Failure.
0x04 Page Timeout.
0x05 Authentication Failure.
0x06 Key Missing.
0x07 Memory Full.
0x08 Connection Timeout.
0x09 Max Number Of Connections.
0x0A Max Number Of SCO Connections To A Device.
0x0B ACL connection already exists.
0x0C Command Disallowed.
0x0D Host Rejected due to limited resources.
0x0E Host Rejected due to security reasons.
0x0F Host Rejected due to remote device is only a personal device.
0x10 Host Timeout.
0x11 Unsupported Feature or Parameter Value.
0x12 Invalid HCI Command Parameters.
0x13 Other End Terminated Connection: User Ended Connection.
0x14 Other End Terminated Connection: Low Resources.
0x15 Other End Terminated Connection: About to Power Off.
0x16 Connection Terminated by Local Host.
0x17 Repeated Attempts.
0x18 Pairing Not Allowed.
0x19 Unknown LMP PDU.
0x1A Unsupported Remote Feature.
0x1B SCO Offset Rejected.
0x1C SCO Interval Rejected.
0x1D SCO Air Mode Rejected.
0x1E Invalid LMP Parameters.
0x1F Unspecified Error.
0x20 Unsupported LMP Parameter Value.
0x21 Role Change Not Allowed
0x22 LMP Response Timeout
0x23 LMP Error Transaction Collision
0x24 LMP PDU Not Allowed
0x25 Encryption Mode Not Acceptable
0x26 Unit Key Used
0x27 QoS is Not Supported
0x28 Instant Passed
0x29 Pairing with Unit Key Not Supported
0x2A-0xFF Reserved for Future Use.

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