btnut/btnode/include/cm/con_mgr.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Connection Manager API.

Kevin Martin <>
Write your application against this interface. Choose an implementation of a connection manager by including the corresponding .h file. E.g. to use the XTC connection manager, include the file 'cm_xtc.h'.

#include <stdbool.h>
#include <bt/bt_defs.h>
#include <bt/bt_psm.h>


short con_mgr_fill_con_info (u_char *args, u_char *param)
char * con_mgr_get_info (void)
u_char con_mgr_get_rel_cons (bt_hci_con_handle_t *rel_cons)
 returns an array with reliable connection handles
void con_mgr_init (struct btstack *bt_stack, bt_psm_t *psmux, u_short cm_psm, HCI_CON_TABLE_CB_REGISTRATION, u_long cm_cod)
 Initializes the Connection Manager.
void con_mgr_inq_disable (void)
 Disables BT inquiries. Blocks if an inquiry is already in progress.
void con_mgr_inq_enable (void)
 Reenables BT inquiries.
void con_mgr_inq_set_period (u_short val)
 Sets inquiry period.
void con_mgr_register_cmds (void)
 Registers terminal commands of the connection manager. Call this function if you need the debug and control commands of the connection manager.
void con_mgr_register_con_table_cb (struct btstack *bt_stack, HCI_CON_TABLE_CB, void *cb_arg)
 Function to register a higher layer callback function. The registered callback function is called when a reliable connection changes.
void con_mgr_reset (void)
void con_mgr_set_root (bool mode)

Function Documentation

void con_mgr_init ( struct btstack bt_stack,
bt_psm_t psmux,
u_short  cm_psm,
u_long  cm_cod 

Initializes the Connection Manager.

bt_stack Pointer to the btstack
acl_com_stack Pointer to the acl_com_stack
cm_psm The PSM the connection manager shall use

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