NCCR-MICS WG2 - Schedule and Meeting Minutes

Schedule of Upcoming Events

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Impressions from the INSS 2007 Panel

Next Generation Topics for WSN

Hide Tokuda, Keio University, Japan - Programming and packaging - make motes more usable

Richard Muller, UCB - Batteries, solar into packages, localized information processing/decision making, 2nd grade electronics (efficient, lower performance), long-term robustness - having a solid and broad education is key (materials, electronics, and CS)

Peter Boda, Nokia Research, Finland - SensorPlanet sees a phone as an optimal interface to humans. sensors will be integrated in phones.

Michael Beigl - Q: is there a way for research to have early access to sensor/MEMS technology? RM - It's a $$ question both in principle and especially when you are in a hurry to get things done.

HT: Design space from homogeneous, heterogeneous to global scale of WSNs.

RM: CAD has brought electronics design/production a long way but there is still little support for the design of networked systems.

Trust: Can we trust all the people if sensors are truly global and all things interact? RM: It's information that we first must trust... HT: There are better solutions ahead through interaction.

Smaller sensors vs. large heterogeneous sensing systems (cars, airplanes): do the same paradigms apply in both domains? HT: Networking technology should be able to cover all these applications.

Impressions from TTX4 in Boston, Apr. 29, 2007

TinyOS Technology Exchange was up in Boston following IPSN 2007. David Culler, Phil Levis and the working group chairs informed about work within the TinyOS Alliance. Next to the demo sessions the release of the Xubuntu Linux CD with a working TinyOS 2.0.1 installation is the most notable thing that happened. Summarizing the sessions, panels and numerous other discussions here is my most notable impressions:

  • Future reference applications: Low-power streaming of sensor data to a sink including the detection of fast events and notification.
  • The community wants to draw a bottom line for T2 solidifying the bottom layers.
  • Testing is regarded as a primary and important topic for the future. Maybe an integration of tests (specs) into TEPs is a good idea. Industry would certainly be happy to see this and academia should be emphasizing this more (in education).
  • Licensing is a huge issue. Many problems to be solved. DC proposed to separate tools and code. contrib is somewhat open but bound to code. ML proposed an extra contrib for completely other licenses - which I don't think is a good idea.

New working group guys on the block:

  • Mike Newman - Reference Application
  • Matt Welsh - Documentation
  • Jan Beutel - Development and Testing

David Moss (Rincon) is donating CC1100 development kits for people willing to pitch in.

Hands-on Workshops - Testbeds, Tools and Development @ ETHZ, Jan. 24, 2007

Hands-on Workshops - Applications @ EPFL, Nov. 20, 2006

TinyOS Meeting @ EPFL, Sep. 27, 2006

Meeting Minutes [txt]

MICS Review Scientific Board @ EPFL, May 4, 2006

Some interesting exerpts from the discussion with the scientific board:

  • WG's to moderate contacts to technology components (as a contact point in each cluster).
  • Strategic orientation of applications (Kumar)?
  • How to create a true initiative for application projects?
  • Intellectual integration?
  • Overload of one person in an application project?
  • Research thrust for a multihop, wireless technology useful for all/many applications?
  • Application projects with technology/know-how mix?

WG2 Platform Meeting @ ETH Zurich, Feb. 23, 2006

Impressions of the WG2 platforms meeting at ETH Zurich. Impressions of the WG2 platforms meeting at ETH Zurich.

Impressions of the WG2 platforms meeting at ETH Zurich.


WG2 Kickoff Meeting @ ETH Zurich, Dec. 2, 2005

Intense discussion at the WG2 kickoff at ETH Zurich. Intense discussion at the WG2 kickoff at ETH Zurich.

Intense discussion at the WG2 kickoff at ETH Zurich.


MICS application requirements

MICS application requirements.
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