JAWS DSN Server Installation


XAMPP for all platforms



  • CVS (also integrated in Eclipse)
  • Java Dev-Kit (pref. >= sun-jdk1.5.0)
  • Apache Ant ant
  • MySQL server and appropriate administration frontend: mysql-server and phpmyadmin


  1. CVS checkout module proj/dsn_server from btnode.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/btnode
  2. edit Server.properties
  3. Login to phpmyadmin
    1. create a mysql-database with name "BTnode" (= default name, see Server.properties - SQL Database section)
    2. create a user with all data privileagues on the BTnode db, use the same credentials as in Server.properties
  4. compile the server with
    ant server 
    • REMOVEME: until now you have to create the directory build manually
      mkdir build 
  5. start server with one of
    ant run-server 
    ant run-server-linux 
  6. create a new XML-RPC user: open src/testserver/NewUser.java
    • enter a new user/password with appropriate permissions set to true
    • run again ant server for compilation
    • run ant new-user



  • Webserver with PHP support (included in XAMPP, or on debian: apache2 and libapache2-mod-php5 package)
  • PHP modules: gd, mysql (included in XAMPP, or on debian: php5-gd and php5-mysql package)


  1. CVS checkout module proj/dsngui into a webserver directory
  2. edit properties.php
  3. access directory from a browser
    • REMOVEME: until now you have to create the directory img manually
      mkdir img 
    • REMOVEME: The image creation is a little bit circumstantial, if its not necessary you can disable it by comment out line 117 (include "showimg.php";) in index.php



  • PHP command-line interpreter (included in XAMPP, or on debian: php5-cli package)


  1. CVS checkout proj/dsnscript
  2. edit rpc-config.php
  3. run scripts with php <scriptname> or php5 <scriptname>

DSN-Server @ tec-pc-btnode

server directory:/var/jaws/dsn_server
dsn-script directory:/var/jaws/dsnscript
dsn-gui directory:/var/www/localhost/htdocs/dsngui or ~/local_www/dsngui

starting the server

  1. start server inside a 'screen': screen -S dsnserver ant run-server-linux
  2. if everything looks fine, detach the screen using (CTRL-a CTRL-d)-shortcut, then you should see the following line:

stopping the server

  1. reattach the dsnserver screen with screen -r <pid> or screen -r <pid>.dsnserver from anywhere (if nobody else has it attached), screen -ls returns a list with running screens
  2. press (CTRL-c) to stop ant (together with the dsnserver), this step will also terminate the screen and you should see the following line:
    [screen is terminating]

restarting the server

  1. stop and start the server with the above instructions

reconfiguring the server

  1. edit Server.properties
  2. restart server

monitoring dsn-gui-node traffic


  • grc (with python)

The server writes the log-file msglog.txt. For a nice colorized on-the-fly monitoring,

you can use:
tail -f msglog.txt | grcat grcat.conf 
or offline with search and scrolling:
cat -f msglog.txt | grcat grcat.conf | less -R 


[java] Exception in thread "Thread-2" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

[java] java.net.SocketException: Connection reset
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