JAWS - Deployment-Support Network Specification

Application Overview

Deployment-Support Network Application Overview

The JAWS Deployment-Support Network consists of network nodes (DSN nodes), a host access (GUI node) and a host application running a management server and vizualisation and control applications (server, gui_applet).

The JAWS target interface consists of a hardware component (description of the necessary wiring and electrical specification) and a software interface. Currently support for AVR and MSP430 based targets is available.

Application traffic, i.e. firmware updates and log data has priority over management data.

Target Interface

Deployment-Support Network Target Adapter Overview
  • Target programming
  • Target power control/monitoring (power on/off, battery status)
  • Target hardware control (toggle pins, similar like led patterns)
  • Target ascii control (send string/command/action to target over UART at TG_UART_SPEED)
  • Target hardware logging
  • Target ascii logging

All actions can be scheduled in a queue at the DSN node, all logging is timestamped.

DSN Server Interface - Target Control UI

All information is run through a DSN server with database that takes care of fetching data from the DSN.

  • get events (in time interval)
  • send immediate single command
  • topo request
  • schedule recursive commands
  • schedule commands at DSN node
  • JAWS - Terminal Commands

Other JAWS Documentation

Get started 1-2-3 with the Jaws Tutorial

Software Structure

jaws.c -- jaws.h   DSN platform and parameter definition
       target.h    Dummy interface
       -- target_btnode.h         target_tmote.h         target_a80.h
          avr_prog.h              msp_bl_prog.h          msp_bl_prog.h

          target_btnode.c         target_tmote.c??       target_a80.c
          avr_prog.c              SerialBSL.c            SerialBSL.c       

Software Configuration

The JAWS application is based on the BTnode rev3. The application default setting is configured to use a tree topology in the jaws.c file:

//Connection Manager Selection
#include <cm/cm_tree.h>

The default operating parameters are set in the jaws_config.h file. The default values are as follows:

#define DEBUG_UART_SPEED_GUI   57600
#define DEBUG_UART_SPEED_DSN   2400

An identifier is used to separate different network instances from each other using the Bluetooth Class of Device (COD). The default parameter set is

#define CM_COD                 376

which can be overriden in the build system, e.g. by CM_COD=500 make version_targets.

The DSN nodes that support AVR targets using the dsnB adapter must be BTnodes rev3.22 or larger with fuse bits set to disable JTAG, i.e. FF 40 BF. (This is because of a change in the usage of the JTAG pins on the ATmega128.)

Building JAWS

JAWS uses the default toolchain supported on the BTnode CDROM. In addition, the JAWS server and control applet require JAVA and it's serial API. The following versions are known to work:

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