JAWS - DSN Software Releases


First preliminary installer script to install the dsnserver, dsngui and dsnscript on a Unix/Linux host:


First preliminary installer using Ant, as a multi-platform solution:

dsn-installer.ant.tgz [rev 20070502]

Unpack the archive to the desired target directory and run the following command:

ant -f dsn-installer.xml setup


The DSN server written in Java:

A PHP GUI to interface and control the DSN server:

XMLRPC Interface

Some shell scripts showing the interaction with the DSN server (PHP-CLI, Perl):

DSN Node Images

The archive contains flash images for all targets (btnode/mica2, tmote, tinynode, a80):

Remember that the Bluetooth COD (class of device) setting is hardcoded to 376.


The DSNMonitor allows to integrate printf() style logging on target devices. It comes in a number of flavors for different target software systems:

DSNMonitor TinyOS-1.x

DSNMonitor TinyOS-2.x

Tmote Sky DSNBootloader

MSP430 bootloader with altered UART mapping for Tmote Sky as DSN target.

The archive contains a prepared flash image TmoteBootloader20070223130600-1.ihex with TOS_NODE_ID=1. If another TOS_NODE_ID is desired, use the following instructions (the toolchain packages tinyos-tools and msp430tools-binutils from TinyOS 2 Installation are required):

tos-set-symbols --objcopy msp430-objcopy --objdump msp430-objdump \
                --exe TmoteBootloader<version>.bin TmoteBootloader<version>.bin-<x> TOS_NODE_ID=<x>
msp430-objcopy --output-target=ihex TmoteBootloader<version>-<x>.bin TmoteBootloader<version>-<x>.ihex

A helper script is also added to the archive to simplify resp. speed up the whole procedure (requires additional the package msp430-python-tools):

# default port is /dev/ttyUSB0, if no second argument is passed
./set-node-id-and-flash.sh <node-id> [<port>]

Target Images

These images are available for various test purposes.

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