BTnode rev3 ChipCon Wire Antenna Guide

The PCB antenna of the BTnode3.22 ChipCon radio is not particularly good - it can transmit data up to some ten centimeters. This can be used to have a big multi-hop network on your lab bench!

BTnode rev3 and Antenna

If you prefer a better sending range you can replace the PCB antenna with a simple wire of a about 8cm and here is how to do. You will need a soldering tool. Here's the starting position:

Antenna detail

In the lower left, you can see the hole for the new antenna, and next to the left a little black Zero Ohm resistor. Here is a closer view:

Resistor Detail

Now just remove the resistor:

Wire Detail

Then, take a normal wire and solder it into the hole to look like this:

BTnode rev3 with Wire Antenna

Done! Your BTnode can now send as good and as far as a Mica2 mote or any other ChipCon 1000 based node with a wire antenna.

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